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Grand Theft Auto IV PC Game Free Download


Grand Theft Auto 4 is 6th installment of GTA main series video game its a top line game now a day cause of its high end HD graphics, visuals, pixel shredders and smooth animation of objects which make it phenomenal and rating of the game on is 9.5 out of 10. GTA is product and developed by Rockstar North this version of GTA sold more then million copies in just one week and got record sale upto 500 million US dollar.

Grand Theft Auto is open world action and adventure game for every age of men and women. The location map is based in New York City which is bigest every area as compare to previous games and player is free to walk and move on vehicle, motor bike, cycle and even helicopter. The game map is huge and player can find side missions to get more income and points.

Game play and story is similar as other version you have to complete missions and given task buy your boss in minimum time frame to promote in next mission during this mission player is able to collect any thing like money, food, weapons.

GTA IV has multiplayer and up to 32 player can join server at once and make a team against each other. GTA IV required high end graphics card with at least 128bit technology and 4Gb memory is recommended and 4GB RAM can load and run game smoothly at high resolution. 

PC Hardware and OS Details:-

Microsoft / MAC OS : Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows 8
PC CPU : Pentium 3 - Pentium 4 - Dual Core - core Duo - Core i5
RAM : 256 MB
Hard Disc Space : 5 Gb
Graphics Card : Nvidia Gefore or AMD Radeon HD series.
VGA Memory : 128 MB
Network Connection: High Speed internet or DSL for Multi Player Gaming.
Optical Drive Player - DVD or CD ROM.

Game Details & Information:-

Game Size : 13.9 Gb
Game Edition : IV
Licence : Premium
OS / Console Platform : Windows - Play Station
Developer info : RockStar

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