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How To Put Adsense Page level ads for mobile in blogger

How To Put Adsense Page level ads for mobile in blogger

Adsense is one of the top leading advertising company and best for publisher who are using Adsense ads for earning huge money with Google Inc. 

Google Adsense introduced new type of Ads which is specially designed for mobile and smart phone devices which you can place in your website blogger and other wordpress websites. You can make more revenue with these new type of page level ads cause it more relevant with your website content and it will appear during visitor is on your blog or website and checking or reading content user is able to close and skip ad as well. These ads are compatible with Android and iOS browser smart phones.

There are two type of new adsense page level ads 1 Anchors and 2 Vignettes :-
  • Anchors
Anchors ads will appear from bottom of you website

  • Vignettes
Vignetts ads are better then Anchors ads because it appear on whole website mean full screen ads Vignettes Ads is like popup ad when a visitor come on website page Vignettes ads show user new advertising ad and use is also able to close ad its a large screen ad which has good cpc revenue.

How To Place Adsense Page level ads on your blog / website :-