Farm Expert 16 Free Download For PC

Ocean of Games Farm Expert 16 Free Download For PC

Farm Expert 2016 Free Download For PC

Farm Expert 16 Free Download

Farm Expert 2016 free download PC Game available for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and also Windows 10 operating system. Apple MAC OS. Developed by Slide and the latest version was released on 19 June 2015. Farm Expert is a Simulator video game and gameplay is similar to previous farming games.

Farm Expert 16 Free Download For PC


Player does work as farmer and you have to start with basic empty land then prepare filed for grow crops and different type of vegetables and fruits when your crops ready to cut you have to cut and after that you can sell these goods in market and get money after that you can use this money to buy new machines, land for grow more crops and make more money.
Farming expert 2016 has many new upgrades and latest farming machines, water machines, Spray Machines and track-tors which can use in fields for giving water in fields and crops cutting and fields cleaning as well. The game offers multiplayer gaming with your partner as a competitor.
farm expert 2016 gameplay


farm expert 2016 screenshot2


farm expert 2016 screenshot


Farm Expert 16 Free Download Requirement:-

Microsoft / MAC OS: Windows XP – Windows 7 – Windows 8
PC CPU: Pentium 3 – Pentium 4 – DualCore – Core Duo – Core i5
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disc Space: 3 Gb
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon HD series.
VGA Memory: 256 MB
Network Connection: HighSpeed internet or DSL for MultiPlayer Online Gaming.
Optical Drive Player – DVD or CDROM.

Farm Expert 16 Free Download Details:-

App Size: 5GB
App Version: Expert 2016
License :
Platform: Windows – Play Station
Developer: Slide

Farm Expert 2016 Free Download For PC

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